TREASURE Bruno Mars Bass Guitar Lesson How To Play Funky Disco Slap Bass

Musician’s Friend Bass Guitar Lineup 2015-16
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  1. EricBlackmonGuitar

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  2. Alaijah Batuhan

    Can you still play it if your barely learning bass(beginner)?

  3. EricBlackmonGuitar

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  4. I just pick up the bass guitar 3 months ago and I love to learn funk bass . I've seen so many different style and techniques and incorporate them. Slapping, pulling, and muting. Thank you.

  5. LOL..Def on a roll when I found your channel! I'm an ol school slap bass man myself! Thanks!

  6. thank you so much ! have a great day too :)

  7. Musician 4 Ever

    Thanks !!!

  8. EricBlackmonGuitar

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  9. Thanks Eric!

  10. Thums up.

  11. Thanks a lot man. This was really helpful

  12. That was AWESOME!! Now I can play this with my sister 🙂 can you do a cover of thinking about you by calvin harris for your next bass tutorial?

  13. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Michael Jackson Justin Timberlake Love Never Felt So Good Guitar Lesson! Michael Jackson Justin Timberlake LOVE NEVER FELT SO GOOD Guitar Lesson Cover

  14. can you do a tutorial on mgmt's electric feel, on bass please?! iv been wanting to play that song 4ever. Thnx eric

  15. Yo Eric!! Big help man!! You broke it down easily. Thank you!!

  16. Thanks so much

  17. Benjamin Schiltz Vlogs

    I'm wondering is there different ways to play slap bass because I thought to slap you have to hit the string with the knuckle of the thumb? I play bass but I never tried slapping but I find it fascinating.

  18. Play locked out of heaven pleaseeee :D

  19. Cheers for the help man, this really helped progress my bass playing :P

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