Treat you Better Shawn Mendes Guitar Lesson Acoustic Fingerstyle Chords Melody

Hey Guys, Marco here. Thank you very much for checking out my videos. I hope you enjoy the lessons!

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  1. Please do a tutorial fingerstyle for shawn mades – Imagination

  2. pleas Marko teach us #sunflower plaes

  3. Damm he explain better but i can't remember because it's god damm long i can't memorize it all hahaha

  4. what tunning do you use ?

  5. really cool thanks for the lessons men really helpfull

  6. after watching this video I didn't learn shit

  7. Doobaraka Diorama

    Best tutorial

  8. this is so good but i dont have a capo

  9. You've got one added sub nice one

  10. Incredible arrangment…..

  11. underrated best guitar teacher on here, goes from simple to more complex in all videos easy to follow too. got my sub

  12. do a cover of perfect strangers by jonas blue ft. jp cooper

  13. can u do whole song in fingertyle tutorial

  14. Amazing…. I love playing in guitar <3
    (Btw , you look like Theo James , is he your cousin?)

  15. Hristijan Jovanovic

    Hey i am new to playing guitar and still learning.Can you tell me what is that thing on the neck of ur guitar and what does it do.Thank you so much.Like ur vids 😀

  16. i love the guitar, what brand is it??? anyone?!?!

  17. Wich guitar do you use?

  18. Amazing! Could you please make a fingerstyle tutorial for another Coldplay song? (The Scientist or Trouble?) That would be great!

  19. By far best finger style teacher on YouTube. Thakyou so much 😀

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