Triad Arpeggios For Bass Guitar

This latest lesson on Music Theory for the Bass Guitar begins delving into the topic of chord construction with this video on triads (3 note chords). We look at how triads are constructed and then learn the basic triad arpeggio patterns on the bass guitar.

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Music Theory For Bass Guitar – Triads

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  1. Thank you, I'm wondering about other modes triads. For example what is the lydian triad? Someone told me 1 #4 5. But what about building chords by thirds? I'm so confused.Help me please.

  2. Soha&Sentwali Copeland

    Awesome. Thank you. Very helpful

  3. Francesco Schiavone

    Hi, just letting you know I'm following your whole music theory playlist and I'm astonished how fast I'm understanding! I've been an amateur player for some years now but never managed to find some theory lessons that actually appealed to me without being too "boring" or over-specific. Thank you!

  4. Alejandro Azamar

    I'm having trouble baring my pinkie, any suggestions?

  5. slow down

  6. nice ending face

  7. Well done!

  8. Fantastic, to say the least !…I find the explanations very simple and also very interesting. This is great!!!

  9. This is a very cool tutorial, and one I'll be revisiting. I've just purchased my first bass (an Ibanez GSR200) and have a very basic understanding of music theory, so this video (and how you present your material) looks very helpful…thanks for sharing your knowledge

  10. This series is great. I've played guitar for years but I'm understanding more with these bass lessons.

  11. Excellent lesson!.. I like the way you teach this lesson, making it simple an easy to understand… Thanks !

  12. 1st of all , ur amazing teacher/musician , am playing since long time , i know many things u talked about , but i knew those stuff as natural , and after u explained it u made me understand it way better so thanx and actually am following ur stuff , u have new stuff for me to learn so thanx 😀
    i just wanted to spot out that when we're playing triads with 1 octave ur arpeggio shape is great and work perfectly , but i used to play maj/min/dim arpeggios with 2 octaves C and E ( or E flat ) and i found ur shape a bit hard to play , maybe cuz am used to other shape , so its just to expand the possibilities to other musicians whos learning ( and sure there is million way to play arpeggios )
    so the shape i use for example on C maj
    C and E (on E string) , G (on A string) , C ''octave'' (on D string) , E ''octave'' ( on G string) , etc 
    so i play the 1st and 2nd on E string and etc 
    i found personally this shape easier to play , others might not , just point it out
    thanx and again thank you mark for the amazing vidz .

  13. Mark …you are the best…you make it very simplyfine for me….i wish i have  you as a teacher…thank..s

  14. Hi Mark
    When playing the diminished and augmented triads is it OK to play the sharpened 5th or flattened 3rd down a few frets on another string depending where you are on the neck? Love the new site.

    Thanks Yuvy

  15. how do i create my own progressions? i mean how will i know to use which note after another?

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    Believe me don't lose the chance to get all before be to late.

    Juanki Funki

  17. Miguel Mercolita

    the best bass teacher at youtube :)) 

  18. Dude you are awesome! I already kinda knew how to play guitar but I'm new to bass and in the process of learning how to play improv and all these lessons are great! Hope you keep making more videos! Haven't watch them all yet but I try to everyday to learn something new. Thanks for all your hard work!

  19. Love the Theory, it is a very BIG part of playing. But how do/I put that into contex? How does this take my bass playing to the next level?

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