Triad Arpeggios For Bass Guitar (New Version)

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This week we’re going to look at Triads!

A triad is a three note chord. We’re going to look at how they’re constructed and how to apply them in our bass lines.

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  1. TalkingBass - Online Bass Lessons

    Hi everyone! This is a new and updated version of my old video on Triads. A load of my old vids need revamping. This is a good start!

  2. we are very lucky in this day and age with youtube and people such as you giving free lessons. 30 years ago when i first learned guitar i struggled through weekly lessons with a teacher who i had to travel across town to meet. I had no idea what he was trying to teach me most of the time (not that he wasn't a good teacher; I struggled with, and still do struggle with the theory).
    I have spent a lifetime as a self taught guitarist. Now I am playing with the bass and find these youtube videos extremely helpful.

  3. loovely! your tips and lessons are a big help.
    cant believe anyone would give you a thumbs down.

  4. Hip Hop Producer MusicianDirector

    Good job Mark, i have been playing Bass for 40 years and i am still learning. May i know what is the Bass that you are playing in the video thank you

  5. Rob Diepenbroek

    I've been thinking in terms of 1 – 3 – 5 and then wheather to use the Major or minor of each, this system of stacking just 3rds leads to the correct 5th, (Maj, or minor) without having to think of which 5th to shoot for. One less thing for my old brain to process. Another new thing to get sorted, but I can see the benefits of working chord tones this way. I'll bet that following this system one more step will lead to the proper 7th too.

  6. As always Mark, this was an amazing lesson! Thanks for your outstanding service to the bass community!

  7. Excellent Lesson, Excellent teacher. Thanks, Sensei!

  8. Antonio López-Canino

    Mark smith has a course on aural skills. It is the best course so far I have done. It helps you figure out songs on your own.

  9. Carlos José Barroso

    With a bass like that I can surely get a nice gurl….

  10. So helpful riffs thank you so much sir

  11. Outstanding Mark, I have been playing bass for years and had many teaches, This clear explanation of Aug and Dim triads is one of the best !

  12. Great lesson, just what I needed. I bought your Ebook 4 days ago and this was very helpful

  13. This has helped a lot , clear and to the point with no messing around , excellent teaching Mark , thanks.

  14. Thanks mark, great lesson as always!!

  15. For those of you learning music, just plant your minds with this man. I have been playing music for 50 years, and I can tell Mark is an outstanding teacher. No flash, no BS, no background noise, no jumping around with images, just flat out excellent teaching. This is the best way to learn. All the best Mark, I truly believe you are making a real positive difference for many learning bass, and music in general.

  16. Most valuable lessons on the net!

  17. Pukka lesson Mark, I like the nod to Cliff Burton as he was an incredible attitude on the bass guitar that is sadly lost.

  18. When I can finally afford a bass, all these hours of lessons I've watched will come in handy. Thanks!

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