TrueFire Live: Josh Smith – Blue Highways – Guitar Lesson

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  1. not a better guitarist alive than josh.

  2. Josh and Kirk Fletcher are such a gift. Thanks for doing this. Amazing!

  3. He is a beast…….a few more years and he will be getting close to Danny Gatton

  4. Outstanding and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Who's "Joe" that they talk about in the first ten minutes or so?

  6. this is gold! thank you Josh!

  7. See you at the Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival in the UK Josh, just got tickets for both your gig & masterclass

  8. Perhaps Guthrie Govan . John Petrucci

  9. This is Gold

  10. Beast!!!

  11. Jason Rosner- Bass

    Hands Down, one of the best in the world. For so many reasons… Great video/ tutorial!

  12. Seen you many times at the Sugar Mill

  13. Old Guy's Guitar Vlog

    PLEASE record a whole album of this incredible blues. We need something fresh and fiery like this! So amazing!!

  14. I would love to see you live in Austria

  15. Love Joshs view / angle / approach on/to connecting chords

  16. I clicked on this because at first glance I thought it was Vladimir Putin with a I thought damn, he's good.

  17. Okay, this stuff is so good I went ahead and joined Truefire and pre-ordered the course! There is an additional discount if you join "All access" the course itself only cost 19.00 after all the discounts.

  18. yall really gotta do more videos with Josh he da real master of blues he ain playin frfr

  19. This is Robben ford school for sure great playing by the way !

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