Tutorial: Creative Two-Hand Tapping Riffs and Exercises [Acoustic Tapping] – Guitar Lesson w/ TAB

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  1. Hey man I gotta tell you…I've been following you for years now and i remember in one lesson you said something about beeing stuck in the musical learning process, as if sometime you feel like you've reached your maximum potential and can't top it; well that's exactly how I felt at the time and it was also very frustrating because I've always been looking for a way to improve my music, but no matter how hard I tried i thought that was it, no more progress, no new techniques, no new styles, and, most importantly, none to learn from. So that was it. But then I started following your channel, playing along with you during your lessons, jumping from one to another, learning about chords construction, arrangements and melody, and "man ohhh man" the progresses came! Soon enough I begun fingerpicking and bluesing like I was in southern US countryside or something! Feel melancholic? Here you go, a jazzy song ready to be learned! Feeling playful? Here's a disney classic you can mess around with! It was Music as I always wanted it, and I gotta THANK YOU for that.
    Now I'm studying your "Travis picking" lessons since i want to play "Mr. Sandman" (and also because I think it's a very useful tool in a musician repertoire), and just when I was thinking to myself "you know what would be cool next? To learn that "two hand tapping thingy" I've seen lots of acoustic players are doing recently", YOU post this video!!! Hahahahaha 😀
    Well sorry for the rant, i just wanted to THANK YOU and explain you why, also sorry if there are any mistakes, I'm not very much used to writing in english.
    PS. As soon as i get a job I'll support you via Patreon so that I can thank you properly next time! 😀 Have a nice day!

  2. Emmanuel Parreno

    Thanks man!! I am hoping more lessons about tapping from you!!

  3. Very nice lesson sir

  4. God bless you sir!
    I have learnt a lot from you.
    Thanks for making me the guitar player i'am today.. ♥

  5. Santosh Kerketta

    Your lessons are amazing

  6. Best lesson!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love playing tap guitar similar to piano have to be coridinated but not impossible to learn thanks for the lesson

  8. Also. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. If it weren't for this channel I wouldn't be the guitarist I am today. God Bless my man

  9. All I ask by Adele please!

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