twenty one pilots: ride – How to Play On Guitar – Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Easy Acoustic Songs

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  1. does everything perfectly except the barre chords


  3. niceeeeeeeee

  4. Alan stone unaware

  5. sees a Barre chord

    I'm outta here

  6. Hey, thanks for all the great tutorials. I've been learning from you for almost 8 years now. Please can you do a tutorial of Four out of five by Arctic Monkeys? Thanks!

  7. Esplicarte bien

  8. Tamia Uijterwaal

    I really really really want to learn the song called ‘Youth’ from the Dutch band Kensington, im a huge fan! I can’t find the chords from that song and this week i tried to find it out by myself but i can’t… it should be cool if you can take a look at it and ofcourse it should be awesome if u can learn me that song in one of your video’s.. <3

    I really like your work and i’ve learned much from your video’s, Keep going!!!!

  9. I can't be the only one who thinks he sounds like CustomGrow420 right?

  10. Sebastian Velez

    awesome channel mate..could you do the flood of ocean alley

  11. marshmallow cat

    I'm just starting to lern guiltar and I was wondering if you could make a video like the E Miner and that kind of stuff

  12. Do tear in my heart plzzzzz

  13. this is my fav 21pilots song! good job marty!

  14. Do Twenty One Pilots tear in my heart

  15. Logan Perreault

    You should do a video on cautious by tyler shaw

  16. play kodo

  17. Damned E flat tunning…

  18. Nice tutorial I love it

  19. Fortnite Is life

    Hinder all American nightmare

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