Twenty One Pilots – Tear In My Heart Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Here I will give you some ideas on how to play a great new song from Twenty One Pilots on the acoustic guitar.

I’ve also made a tutorial for “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots that you might like. It can be found here:


  1. I have to play this for school and I haven’t even touched a real guitar before oops

  2. Thank you so muchh for this tutorial!! my guitar is a 12fret so its hard to reach chord in 9th and 10th fret. much love brother!

  3. Ты крут! (Translate in Google) ты очень хорошо обьясняешь! Я не знаю английский, но благодаря тебе я научился!

  4. Easy

  5. best love story
    "she's a tear in my D, i'm an A" <3

  6. "she`s a tear in my G" XDDD

  7. Сергей Егоров

    She's a butcher with ehmm… D

    Love the moment he realized what the lyrics have bacome, aaand kept playing 😀

  8. there is no audio to this

  9. Great job you deserve more subs then you have, so I'm subbing

  10. Great tutorial! Thanks so much

  11. good job bro !

  12. SketchBolt Galaxy

    This is the best guitar tutorial I've seen, you explain it so well and make it easy. Thanks for this!

  13. 3:45 – shes a tear in my D. wow, dude u gotta break up with her

  14. hold up hold up im kevin

    shes a tear in my d

  15. She's the tear in my D… e.e lmao

  16. Ryadaha Harrison

    I don't know any chords

  17. William Vesterberg

    she's an tear in my D i'm an A. HAHAHA

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