Two handed melody tapping guitar lesson in styles of Stanley Jordan Eric Johnson Joe Satriani

Two handed melody tapping guitar lesson in styles of Stanley Jordan Eric Johnson Joe Satriani Click link to get a killer brand new Blues lesson not on YouTube and a Blues scales and lead guitar Ebook, all for free from

In this video guitar lesson we teach some two handed melody line tapping with chords in the styles of Eric Johnson Eddie Van Halen Stanley Jordan and many others.

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  1. every time i hit the open chord and start playing the 12th fret note, i literally get no sound. i precisely hit the 12th fret on the first and third strings and it just makes all the other strings buzz.

  2. BEST guitar video series I have seen.

  3. 21 jump street

  4. He sounds like obama

  5. I was looking for something different with two handed tapping but this video is great. I learned something new.

  6. you know that tapping helps you sound great even if its to handed tapping 

  7. Eadd9 would have a G#, Esus2 is an okay name for this chord. :)

  8. I can play all those chords when I hear em, but I don't know the name of them lol

  9. Not criticising this great clip, but I want to let people know that Esuss2 is also Eadd9, which is maybe a more accurate name since the added note is the 9th of the root where it is played. If the root in the same region is used it doesn't sound the same. Tapping is more like a clavichord than a piano. Ok don't diss me, I love this clip, and Will is obviously a really nice guy. I will be checking out and recommending more of his vids.

  10. simple…but awesome!!!

  11. amazing video. Thank you so much for posting this.

  12. tap 9 repeatedly lmaooooooooo

  13. VersachneeltheInternationalHotBoy


  14. Christian Aguayo

    this guy is a shmeeb

  15. thecuriouspatron

    He would have the guitar I would kill for i want it so bad.

  16. You are a very good instructor. Thanks for the video!

  17. Liudvikas Žiliukas

    more videos of playing people i see, more dumb i think i look like

  18. Nick TheCasualGuy

    @Killer9299 pff no marty schwartz is the best teacher!!

  19. This guy is a real legen for me! but what is that on his head, did he/you had a head accident? thank you for the lesson u r awesome!

  20. nice can you give me a tab?

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