Tyler Childers White House Road Guitar Lesson, Chords, and Tutorial

You HAVE To Hear Purgatory On Vinyl:

There are lots of lessons and tutorials out there… this is the only one that definitively teaches you how to approach this Tyler Childers song, White House Road. Here, you’ll learn the White House Road chords and movements. This White House Road tutorial correctly shows how to execute the song in drop d tuning, capoed on the proper fret, while teaching rhythm consistent and sensible to how Tyler Childers plays.

Guitar lessons in person are expensive, this is free. Other guitar tutorials on youtube can be risky for your playing habits, because you may be taught faulty mechanics and spend time practicing incorrect short cut versions of a song. This video wont do that to you.


  1. Jonnie TheRotten

    When you drop the high E would it not be a G?

  2. Nice work! Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing! I've been looking to learn the acoustic version of this. You have Tyler's style down!

  4. Nice but one question do I tune then kapo or kapo then tune

  5. What kind of guitar do you play?

  6. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for another great tutorial. Can you please do one for Harlan road, and of course any other Tyler Childers' songs you feel like sending our way will greatly be appreciated.

  7. Well done. Thanks

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