U2 'One' – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial // Easy Songs For Beginners

U2 'One' - Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial // Easy Songs For Beginners

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Here’s an acoustic guitar tutorial for how to play ‘One’ by U2!

This song is very accessible for beginner and includes NO barre chords (woop!). However, there are some tricky bits including the strumming and chord embellishments that may take longer to get down, but are essential techniques for progression on acoustic guitar.

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  1. I wish I was the one got 100 replys

  2. Classic! A must to learn for anyone

  3. I can't believe that i was playing along to the song after watching this video a couple of times. Thanks for breaking it down and making it doable for me. X

  4. Hey your videos are amazing
    I was able to learn the guitar only because if your videos
    But it would be nice if you could just tell the finger placement for the chord as some of the chords are new.

  5. Fantastic….I love this song, especially the Johnny Cash version, so this is great to get practicing on! Lockdown Love to everyone!

  6. Just thinking that with so many people out of work, with a surplus of time but a dearth of money, maybe you should do a Self-Isolation Sale.

  7. EzRiffs Guitar Tutorials

    Perfect tone of guitar choice for this tutorial! Sounds spot on!

  8. You always have great lessons! Thanks for another one

  9. i heard this song first time when I was 6

  10. Glamorgan65 Glam

    i had been waiting for your version of " One" to compare to others. I'm a great fan of your tutorials

  11. Is one by Metallica next?

  12. Great song and tutorial.. Thanks man.. Something to learn whilst in lock down..

  13. Can anyone recommend a decent acoustic
    guitar for a beginner, the one I'm learning is OK abit banged up as it was a hand me down but I'm thinking about treating meself to a new one

  14. Great fun chord progression and lots of fun tips in this one for baritone ukulele players. Thanks Andy.

  15. Could you do a tutorial for Hollow coves song 'The woods' haven't seen a video tutorial for it and would love to learn it.

  16. I have been attending Guitar classes for fast a year now but can not still play it. To change from one key to another without looking at the Guitar is so difficult for me. I never know that Guitar is so difficult to play. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Can you please make a video on how to make your own band …….maybe some tips for beginner bands, how to cover songs etc….

  18. Kenneth de Miranda

    Great video mate! Which journey Carbon guitar is this ? F660bk? Thanks!

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