U2 “One” Easy Acoustic Song Lesson For Guitar

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Hey guys! Marty here from MartyMusic! Here’s a lesson on U2’s iconic tune “One” – The main structure is just made up of a few easy chords but I also show you the embellishing part as well!

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  2. Hey Marty, any chance you can do Steady as She Goes by The Raconteurs? Peace

  3. Виталик Савоневский

    Hi, Marty! Really appreciate your work, you help us a lot to find a right path in learning guitar. May I ask you to do a tutorial for the song Talk Tonight by Oasis? Thanks in advance)

  4. Miracur Miracle

    hey marty the offspring somethimes do an acoustic version of self esteem could you do a video on that?

  5. Thanks Marty !! Because of you, impossible not to continue to love playing guitar….!!

  6. its hard to message you. can u please do God gave rockn roll to you by kiss. ive watched u since u did cage the elephant. id love to lwarn this song.

  7. can you please do if it hadn't been for love by the steeldrivers

  8. kohtalainenalias

    Hello. I wanted to clarify a bit of the strumming pattern:

    Is it always DD UDUD UDU for each chord (ending with upstroke)? and next chord starts with DD or only D?


  9. hey Marty! please please please , if you're reading this , could you make video lesson -kasabian-la fee verte – i just really love this song and it's pretty awesome to play on the guitar , let me know if you're up to it so i'll wait to see it ❤❤

  10. Aleksandar Pavlic

    Great lesson as always Marty! It would be great if you did a lesson on Liams new single, Wall of glass.

  11. Please make a guitar lesson video of Despacito

  12. country boy can survive Hank Williams Jr. i haven't found a good lesson video yet and hope you can help. thanks

  13. Thanks Marty. I appreciated your lesson.Good and clear explanations !

  14. Also can you do Westbound Sign by Green Day (from the album Insomniac (my favorite album))

  15. Can you do AC/DC thunderstruck?

  16. Great sight

  17. Hi Marty, great song, thanks!

  18. Yo Marty! you should do some Tool. theyre stuff is madness!

  19. Matthew Donaldson

    Thank you, your videos are so helpful !! Could you do a video for the intro for 'Have A Cigar' by Pink Floyd please

  20. Peace sells…

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