U2 – One – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson tutorial

U2 - One - Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson tutorial

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U2 – One – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson tutorial
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  1. Hey Marty, as usual great video. It would be slightly more helpful however if you can sing the lyrics along, so we can tune in with what chord goes where kind of thing…:-)

  2. Such a great lesson this is. I have made a lesson out of this lesson on my blog explaining the theoretical aspects like scale and chord building, which you can find it here http://guitaringindia.com/one-u2-guitar-song-lesson-learn-scales-chords-depth

  3. Marty, you're the BEST! Thank you, my brother!

  4. Great mate, cheers!!!

  5. Heeey marty – do you do a Beautful Day tutorial?

  6. It's funny… ever since I forced myself to learn barre chords I can't play an F unbarred now… I know it's helpful when switching from F to C but blech.

    Also, and I don't know why, when I play the chorus I don't go to a full Am. From the C I just lift my ring finger off of the D string, leaving the G and B strings pressed. I think this gives it a "heavier" feeling…. just a personal choice, I know, but I thought I'd share in case anyone else wants to try it out.

  7. chujnia

  8. You are a fine teacher

  9. One love
    One life
    When it's one need
    In the night

  10. thanks!
    had to hit the bar cords like a boss!

  11. Shit you look like Alex Mandel!

  12. Great lesson. Very easy chords

  13. second chord D9

  14. Stefan Vorster

    luv your guitar

  15. I think your the chit dude/ but I had rather you played the song before I even want to learn it from ya,,,, not being a dick,,,, Sorry,, just my thoughts

  16. a very good lesson, easy to understand, Thank you very much !

  17. Can't thank you enough for all these vids here, And the stuff on your website!
    Learning SO much!
    Rock on and Spock on Marty! LLAP!

  18. Chrystal kristel

    You are The best!!!! I love you being my teacher Thank you!!!!! this version is easy and spot on for this Song!!! Thank you!

  19. thank you so much for teaching me this it's a joy to play it

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