U2 – One – Guitar lesson by Joe Murphy

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Learn guitar – Guitar tutorial – One by U2 – Chords: Verse Am – D – Fmajor7 – G – Chorus C – Am – Fmajor7 – C – Middle C – Am – C – Am – C – G – Fmaj

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  1. the best most playable version of this song I have seen Thank you happy happy. eh

  2. Alfredo Manuel Gonçalves

    The best version that i have already heard. Thank very much for the help. All the best.

  3. I like this joe and the Martin sounds so great D ?? 18 ?

  4. Joe I've been playing the guitar on and off 15 years I wish you were telling me this then you are a great teacher you make it look simple and that's what we want . I will keep on strumming you have put the fire back into my belly thanks m8 .

  5. Wow. Just wow. It was a pleasure to watch and listen to this and I just learned so much. Definite subscribe and thank you sir.

  6. Narcissist Awareness

    It's a Dsus2 not a D

  7. Great tutorial!

  8. The best vídeo like this

  9. Damiao Barbosa Timoteo

    Amazing Man!! Sucess!!

  10. This is fantastic Joe and I love the vocal at the end to tie it all together. I seem to strum the chords fine but as soon as I attempt to sing, the timing and changes are all wrong. Any tips?

  11. Thank you for that

  12. Bruno Massafferro


  13. Great lesson mate gday again

  14. You breakdown this song wonderfully Joe. I like how you list the chords below the video also. Thank you for sharing.

  15. gitaar songs van Hans

    He Joe thanks for thuis great lesson greetz from the netherllands

  16. This is petty good. You got a good voice mr. Thanks. Thanks for showing how to replace that pesty bar chord also.

  17. Thanks for the video, I am now a campfire hero !!

  18. Thanks Joe ..

  19. Great tuition , I like your relaxed way of teaching . Thankyou .

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