U2 – One Intro & Verse Video Guitar Lesson [with tabs]

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This is the fifth of a series of video lessons that will be published in my channel. The complete list of songs that i will be teaching is on my channel page so don’t forget to check it out and subscribe to my channel if you are interested in learning any of the songs on the list. The list was made based on a questionnaire which i gave out to my friends and their friends, where they could vote for songs in order to see them taught in my channel. These videos are a part of my Personal Project for school in the MYP program, which is the pre-IB program. Hopefully you enjoyed this lesson 🙂 Please make sure you leave any feedback in the comment boxes below or you can send me a message. The background track of the intro belongs to its rightful owners. No copyright violation intended – used for promotional purposes only. Thanks again 🙂
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  1. Giovanni Silvestri

    Grazie fratello

  2. I think this guy needs a tutorial video..

  3. I appreciate your effort! Bravo!! but I would suggest:
    1-make sure your guitar is in tune. You were playing out of tune.
    2-start playing the whole riff before walking through and explaining all details. This is important if you don't you want people getting bored

  4. Tune up your guitar !!! :-((

  5. Thank you so much, Adam.

  6. Guitar out of tune, way too much fucking talking. PLAY THE RIFF ONCE BEFORE YOU START TALKING. NOT ALL OF US ARE FUCKING BEGINNERS.

  7. The Lion and his lamb

    Its very frustrating when people don't just play the riff one time before beginning to break down every finger position.

    Some people do not need a walk through, they just want to see it played one time.

  8. Thanks! Adam for the GREAT! tutorial "One by U2" your time and effort is appreciated. I am retired and learning to play the guitar as a past time. I currently am a novice player and I'm enjoying it tremendously. Thanks! to you and others like yourself I am improving. Thanks! again for sharing your gifted talent. PEACE! from Harrison in the Peterborough Ontario Canada area

  9. Some teachers make it so damb hard to understand… follow tab, ring finger on g string blah blah blah. Then they talk for 5 f’n minutes… You nailed it my friend… I like your style… 4 chords bounce the pinky simple. I watched 5 other guys make it so f***ing complicated. Cheers…keep it simple. the edge thanks you.

  10. Tk's Adam wreat help

  11. Tks men good Tutorial

  12. Are you in dadgad here

  13. Hell dude are u French ?

  14. Cool lesson. Keep it up.

  15. Good tutorial but your Guitar is out of tune. Tune up your Guitar and then i'd sugest to redo your Tutorial. Other then that, Good lesson 🙂

  16. OUT OF TUNE….

  17. Christ.. tune it!

  18. this video are amazing , I finally found this.

  19. Yeah, it's not right. Right from the get-go – you missed the hammer-on and he's not doing hammer-on-pull-offs, he's doing hammer-ons. And I just started looking at the song.

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