U2 "Sunday Bloody Sunday" Guitar Lesson, how to play

U2 "Sunday Bloody Sunday" Guitar Lesson, how to play

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  2. click here duke ktm

    Great voice marty, please do some vocal cover of ac/dc songs. Thanks marty.

  3. Dude thanks for teaching marty thanks for your marty time lol u rock brother

  4. Thomas Mills Music

    More U2 please!

  5. Old lyrics New song

    Can u tell me what tune ur guitar is in? D#…..?

  6. Brodie you suck at teaching just show the finger positioning better

  7. Hell no. No more U2 tutorials!! PLEASE!!!!!

  8. Can you do more U2 songs please??? Or Live is also good

  9. learing this because my brother died on bloody sunday and im playing this on his anyversery

  10. So i just began playing guitar a day ago so i don't know much, but can someone tell me where i put my finger's?

  11. Without his effects, Edge is a pedestrian guitarist.

  12. dude ur videos are great and i came into this with no experience and now i know so many of my favorite songs! Thank you so much! =D

  13. Could you do a tutorial on the paramore version of this song its acoustic

  14. It should slide from G major to A major and back, in about 0.25 seconds

  15. P H I games and history

    Could do more elvis

  16. thanks marty! I love you buddy

  17. Eymard de los Santos Lopez.

    which tuning is? please

  18. Great video, but where's the guitar solo?

  19. My favourite U2 song!

  20. energyrockstargames

    You're so great!!!

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