Under Pressure acoustic guitar lesson (Queen and David Bowie)

In this acoustic guitar lesson we are looking at how to play Under Pressure by Queen (and David Bowie). My arrangement here (a mix of the album and live versions) is aimed at solo performers or duets looking to play this at an open mic or adding it to an acoustic guitar setlist.

Under Pressure is my favourite Queen song and I have been meaning to do this one for a long time. I was compelled to finally get an arrangement done for solo acoustic guitar and share it to my channel.

What works really well with this is looping that famous bass line in the intro as it can played under the introduction and into the verse.

00:47 Intro – bass line
01:55 Intro – harmonics (Piano)
02:30 Intro – guitar triads
03:48 Intro – guitar triads picking part
05:50 Verse 1
08:16 Chorus
10:13 Verse 2
11:12 Chorus 2
11:54 Bridge
14:52 “Can’t we give ourselves one more chance?”
16:13 Outro
16:42 “Caring about ourselves”
17:04 End
17:50 Playthrough

PDF and Guitar Pro tabs of my arrangement are available to supporters on my Patreon page (link below).

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  1. Can’t wait to give this a go, thank you great lesson (ps I’m Dan Comerford’s friend who I think is your neighbour)

  2. Badass Brutus guitar

    Love your original arrangement with the harmonics… Cool tutorial mister Naylor!

  3. amazing video bro

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