Under Pressure Guitar Lesson – Queen/David Bowie

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In this Under Pressure guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the chords to this classic by Queen and David Bowie.

There is a couple different ways that Brain May plays “Under Pressure”, so I will cover them in this lesson.

I will also quickly cover the opening bass line that dominates the song if you feel you would like to play that on the guitar.

There is a pretty big difference between the intro riff on the recorded version of “Under Pressure” and how Brian may performs it live. In reality he freely switches between the recorded way of playing the arpeggiated triads and the easier live version. After learning both, you can freely mix them up yourself.

As the dynamics pick up in the song, you will find the guitar chords getting a bit easier to play and the rhythms very straightforward.

I keep the guitar tone clean during a lot of the bigger dynamic parts since I am trying to help you hear all the notes within the chord better in order to assure you are playing them correctly. Of course, when playing this song yourself, you may want to kick in the distortion in those particular sections.

Have fun with this classic by Queen featuring David Bowie! #underpressureguitarlesson #queen #davidbowie #guitarcovers

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  1. Thank you so much for a brilliant lesson!!

  2. Makes sense that he would play lower inversions live, the lower notes would carry better, good lesson

  3. this is originally by vanilla ice!

  4. Great tutorial
    Thnx 4 the upload

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  7. Great lesson, thank you!

  8. A very nice lesson – I enjoyed the variations of live and album –

  9. Julius Vincent Libang

    foolish heart by steve perry…you're so great.., from philippines here.

  10. very well done and very helpful! thx man 🙂

  11. Spectacular explanation! Thanks

  12. This was a great lesson! Always loved this song and you broke it down well.
    Carl – great job as always!

  13. Thanks, Carl. Much appreciated lesson!

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  17. Thanks for the lesson Carl! If you use HD500 can you share your presets with us?

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