'Under Pressure' Queen & David Bowie Guitar & Bass Lesson

'Under Pressure' Queen & David Bowie Guitar & Bass Lesson


Hey Buddies

I’ve created this Patreon page to help with the production of my guitar tutorial videos. I’m not planning to change what I already do and I will continue to respond to requests regardless of someone being a contributor or not. I have therefore set the patron amount at the lowest level of just for those who wish to show their appreciation and to help with the purchase of strings, picks, music paper, sharpie pens, hard drives and cups of tea.

Thank you



  1. It starts at 3:40

  2. I bought my first ever bass couple days ago and so far so good. This was really helpful. I struggle with finger placement and speed but that is something I've been told comes with time. Thank you!

  3. Awesome tutorial! Simple instructions, and i can now play it.. whoop! Thank you so much once again

  4. Great Jason!

  5. I guessed the guitar intro was played in triads on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings but didn't want to torture myself trying to find out.

    Still, now that I know The Beat's Dave Wakelin tuned his guitar(s) to DADAAD, I'm going to take a swing at Best Friend – the jangly descending guitar lick halfway thru' has never left me!

  6. Awesome!

  7. Student Michael Ogbevire

    I want to learn Any Want you want it from Journey.

  8. nice

  9. nice

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