Under The Bridge – Intro Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How To Play

Under The Bridge - Intro Acoustic Guitar Lesson - How To Play

Acoustic guitar lesson for a slightly simplified version of Under The Bridge by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. As well as sounding awesome this song will work on your finger strength and barre chords.

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Keep on playing.


  1. Hasin Awsaf Halim

    thank u socio much!!!!

  2. I guess this is what James Blondell gets up to when he ain't with treyarch XD
    love the vids man, keep them up <3

  3. please do cocoon by jack johnson

  4. Nice video Thanks

  5. Thanks….could you make a tutorial of this song, please? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWWYAnIa9WM

  6. Егор Балакирев

    Thanks for your job. You're one of the best teachers I've seen!) By the way, what king of guitar do you use?

  7. Fields Of Gold by Sting fingerstlye please

  8. Cheers Mr J.  peace and love to you and yours

  9. Can you do a video for Crying lightning by Arctic Monkeys??

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