Unplugged Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson (Part 2) – Play the blues by yourself on guitar – EP305

This week’s guitar lesson is a follow up to EP303 (from a few weeks ago) and can either be played along with the jam track from EP303 or it can be played entirely by itself as a standalone blues composition

To view the Part 2 video for this acoustic blues guitar lesson as well as download the tablature, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/unplugged-style-blues-guitar-lesson-part-2-play-ep305/
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  1. Don't take away the Takeaways!!!!!

  2. Андрей Невоград

    Продолжение следует ! – сказал мистер Брайн , и выпустил вторую часть урока : )))

  3. Yes Brian, I agree with Jola F….your teaching style is right for me so don't change a thing. I love all of the little extras that you throw in…makes things very interesting and enjoyable. Cheers from K'town, just a little East of you.

  4. I am a simple man..i see active melody posting a new video..i click..keep going man you are awesome

  5. The takeaways are critical to the lesson! Anytime complaining about them doesn't fully understand what you're teaching. Love 'em.

  6. Damn lol only if i had time to learn all ur solo arrangements! Soooo gooooooood

  7. Another Outstanding lesson!

  8. Those 15 series all mahogany Martin guitars are made for blues.

  9. I love your playing and the choice of things to teach. But . . . because of the digressions it makes the videos 40% longer and makes it MUCH harder to actually learn the song you are trying to teach. EP 303 was one of the most frustrating for this reason.

  10. Gold! Thanks again for a dope lesson Brian !

  11. Please, please don't stop "rambling". That's where the value is! All of the extras are the reason your lessons are so effective! I can learn which frets to put which finger on anywhere. Your lessons are so much more.

  12. Looking forward to this one. Your BLUES catalog is soooo good. Nice to have Pt. 2. I'm a subscriber and it's the best deal for note to note accuracy. And yes, we love the audio voice takeaways. No fluff at all, you're just greasing the wheels. Thanks.

  13. LadyCroMag BuntCitch


  14. Complain?! OMG, Brian, please don't change a thing because what you're doing and saying is PERFECT and it works! This is another killer lesson. thank you!

  15. That guitar does sound wonderful! I have a 1928 2-17 all mahogany that my dad left to me when he past in 2008. He had the guitar since 1935 when his brother gave it to him for his 12th birthday. It's a very big sounding parlor guitar. Cool side story about this guitar, I took it to Martin back in '06 and showed it to Dick Boak (Martin's historian) and he showed me the original log for the year 1928 and looked up the serial number. As it turns out, this guitar was the 5th from the end of that days completed builds and it was noted that those last 5 guitars were 4 string tenor guitars and had shipped out as such in August of that year. Well, he was knocked out to see it had actually been built as a 2-17 and suggested that they most likely ran out of parts to complete these as tenors so they made parlors! It was very cool to see him write in the log that he had seen the guitar and testifies that it is and always was a 2-17!
    I dig the history of stuff like that. I think it gives instruments a little extra mojo. When stuff is as you say, loved on, I think it gives love back and ghats a big part of the sound. In my case that 2-17 makes me sound better then I actually am!
    Thanks for another great lesson and letting me share.

  16. Шаншуров Дмитрий

    as always awesome

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