Up Down – Morgan Wallen ft. Florida Georgia Line – Guitar Lesson | Tutorial

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Learn how to play guitar for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Today I’m going to teach you how to play Up Down by Morgan Wallen ft. FGL on acoustic guitar. TUNE DOWN 1/2 STEP


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  1. Hey brotha can you do a tutorial on good directions billy currington? Everyone else’s is different chords and no one explains what they are doing they just play it lol

  2. RED NECK ROCK AND ROLL! I love it! Another great piece of work from you buddy, way to go!!

  3. Bison PropertyManagement

    Another great tutorial, Robbie! A very fun song to play! Glad you uploaded this early! Much appreciate! 🙂

  4. Tennessee outlaw Pride12

    Can I play this in standard drop half is for half ass guitar players

  5. maybe try explaining what you're doing other than just playing it over and over again.

  6. Very helpfull sarcasm
    Didnt learn much.

  7. Great vid sarcasm

  8. Good but you should have made some tabs

  9. Sounds great but I wish the camera was closer so I can see what your doing

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