Upright Bass for Electric Bassists [ AN's Bass Lessons #17 ]

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A short video primer on all the technical things you need to do in order to get started on upright bass if you’re coming from electric bass.

Step 1 – Get Franz Simandls New Method for the Double Bass

Step 2 – Tons of practice!

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Cameo by Ecko the cat.


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  1. Nice job. Thanks.

  2. Lee rocker is the best upright bass player

  3. Posture is wrong

  4. Only boi in orchestra here then I guess

  5. I am a double bass player and it is not using frets but half steps

  6. Half steps dumbass

  7. “Lage” Adam it’s “leg”

  8. Thanks, Adam. I’d also note that one key to getting a good tone on upright has to do with the positioning of the thumb on your fretting hand. You want to place the very tip of your thumb on the back of the neck, no flat thumb like you would on electric. It helps to imagine your hand as a clamp, where the very tips of your middle finger and thumb would touch if you closed the clamp.

  9. 0:13 what tune is that?

    Also, 4:40 any link to the video? Cant seem to find it

  10. I found I’m not a great electric bassist since I mainly played upright and guitar so my electric bass playing gravitates toward the guitar playing. I don’t have the time or money to do upright bass playing anymore sadly

  11. Martin Lawrence

    And who, are you
    The proud lord said,
    That I must bow so low???

  12. AgentMinor ReligionBrigade

    You need to move the leg farthest from the bass up and down as you play if your playing without the bow. Also try to have a straw hat and suspenders if you're going to incorporate this technique.

  13. YouTube Premium Account

    I play upright bass and also electric bass!

  14. Adam, you are a beast and a remarkable teacher. I came across this video as I'm actually a trained upright player that got into electric after the fact. If you raise your endpin by about 1-2 inches, your intonation will improve. Consider how that impacts your reach and the angle on your left wrist. You posted this 3 years ago and seems to be perfectly happy without this knowledge BUT I thought I'd pass that along. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

  15. Awesome!

  16. Upright bass > electric bass

  17. I went from upright to electric.

  18. Your videos are so good man. Do you film and edit them on your own? That would be unreal. It's just as good as those Earworm vids by Vox. Although you don't use as many production frills as they do, I think you explain the music in a deeper and more accessible way.

  19. I love watching these videos on instruments (that I can play) other than elec bass.

  20. A music teacher on youtube with a GOOD PERSONALITY! That's rare as hell

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