UPTOWN FUNK Bruno Mars Mark Ronson How To Play On Electric Guitar Lesson EricBlackmonMusic

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  1. Cool tutorial but why are you modulating up a halfstep from the original recording?

  2. It took me an age to work out that guitar is translucent!!! Very cool! 

  3. Hi Eric, Cool lesson! Got a question though. The chord pregression of uptown funk is Dm7 – G7, so are the Ebm7 and Ebm6 actually part of of notes within a chord based upon the Dm and G?
    Take care Michel

  4. Omg I loooooovee that guitar!!!!! 

  5. This is good! Carry on the good work❤️

  6. Jonathan Graves(TL3M)

    That guitar looks amazing its no les paul but its see through and thats pretty cool whered you get it

  7. This video is great! You're very to the point in most of your videos and that is greatly appreciated in my busy lifestyle. Keep up the good work and rock on!

  8. The track you're playing along to is a half step above the original song…

  9. It is good. Please also see my guitar videos!

  10. Nice job Eric! Playing by ear, I had no idea that I had incorporated the the 16th note funky strum into my style of playing. Once again, I'm so glad that I found you on YouTube. Keep up the GOOD work!!!

  11. Yo Eric—Great teaching—guess this is proof that guitar wood Doesn't matter! 

  12. The chords you played sounded like "A flat 7 sus 4" and "A flat 7" to my ears.

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