Using Chord Shapes To Create Melodic Guitar Solos – Guitar Lesson – EP164

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In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn an easy way to use arpeggios to connect chord shapes, and how to use those chords shapes to enhance your lead guitar work (creating more melodic solos). This is fairly easy to do and will give you a more sophisticated sounding lead when soloing.
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  1. Quite possibly the best lesson I've seen to date, especially from the standpoint of an "ah ha" moment. Speaks perfectly to me with my current skill level. I'd love to see more like this!!!

  2. Excellent lesson! This is exactly what I needed! Thanks…

  3. This IS a breakthrough! Pure gold Brian…many thanks

  4. Fantastic lesson,Brian..!!
    I'm learning a lot from you since I'm a Premium member…amazing and simple explanations and good backingtracks that helps me to play better and enjoy.
    Could you please make a lesson about applying the diminished scale in to the blues?

  5. Another vote for a series!

  6. Great!

  7. Thank you, more of these types of lessons would be great. I appreciate your easy to understand tutorials.

  8. Really what I'm looking to get into. Good simple lesson.

  9. Great lesson thank you very much.

  10. Now, without the glasses, i can whatch you again, thx for take that scarry thing off! kkkkk

  11. Is this what they refer to as the CAGED system?

  12. this is amazzzzing! yes! Please do a series in this! can you also explain how you see the major and minor pentatonic scales along with this? Thanks!

  13. Great lesson, very helpful! Thanks!

  14. Dude… Just noticed your shirt. Do you live up here? Be interested to meet you.

  15. Great lesson. Not sure if it was a break through, but I learned this years ago and know the patterns very well, but never resolved the patterns to the next chord position. Just didn't realize I was there. Kinda a karate kid moment for me when I realize I've just not known that the end was resolved in the same chord. Hope that makes sense. It's confusing and that's probably why I learned but didn't understand it. Got it now. Thanks.

  16. Awesome video. Thank you!

  17. as always , fantastic lessons that you want to try. thanks brian…

  18. reminded me of eagles desperado. Nice lesson.

  19. Excellent lesson ,real eye opener ,many thanks .

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