Using the Volume, Tone and Toggle Switch on a Strat Guitar Lesson

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  1. I'm 12 is gain better then distortion

  2. Rusli1659 LP Soldier

    Steve, what happens if you max 10 with 2 tone knobs?

  3. bridge sounds very goood

  4. sounds more beefy in Mode II

  5. Brilliant presentation

  6. Nicholas Radchikov

    what pickups are you using on this guitar???

  7. Get you some noiseless pickups

  8. That middle pickup sounds incredible

  9. Alex Mustafich-Nutley

    Never have I seen somebody dismiss positions 4 and 5 like that damn

  10. Christoher Redden

    This video helps me learn how to phrase. I will just keep it slow. Thank you Professor Stine! GOD bless you Sir!

  11. Gormdor Wolfcum

    Yeah, but WHY does it buzz like that when you flip the switch? Is it supposed to? That's weirded me out forever, making me think I broke something, haha.

  12. What course is this from?

  13. Christoher Redden

    This video helped me to understand about tone and how to control it. Please keep up the Great work. I'm learning more everyday. I just have got to pace myself. GOD bless you Professor Stine. Mr Chris

  14. will there be a part 2?

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