Valerie Guitar Lesson by Amy Winehouse

Here’s a guitar tutorial on how to play Valerie by Amy Winehouse. I’m playing a PRS Custom 24
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  1. The I is IM7

  2. That was great, but I wanted to hear the whole thing put together.

  3. daniellaswurld

    YES!!! Thank you so much

  4. Thanks I was looking for some help with those rhythm guitar licks.

  5. I am using this exact guitar to play this :p

  6. David Alberto Martinez Barajas

    pinche gordo imbecil

  7. Can you do a lesson on reelin in the years by steely dan

  8. Harvey Shilton

    Nice video dude, could you do Inhaler by foals plz ?

  9. "As made popular by" Amy Winehouse. The Zutons are criminally underrated.

  10. Gayser Macdonald

    good lesson simon! can you add sidewinder by catfish and the bottlemen to your list mate, thanks

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