Van Halen – Spanish Fly Guitar Lesson

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In this Spanish Fly guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this extremely challenging nylon string acoustic instrumental by the great Eddie Van Halen note-for-note.

The tuning used on the original recording and in this lesson video is D standard. That means every string is tuned down a whole step. D G C F A D

This short instrumental contains many challenging techniques, including tap harmonics, tapping with large fret-hand stretches and fast alternate picking.

I will break each section down in the order that they occur in the tune.

The fast picking sections are the parts that are the most difficult to play note-for-note since they don’t really follow a specific pattern except at one specific point.

The tapping sections are very pattern oriented and shouldn’t be difficult to memorize. The challenge here is the large stretches in the fret-hand which can get tiring pretty quick.

I hope you guys enjoy learning the challenge tune!



  1. Thanks, Carl! Do you have a preferred acoustic guitar manufacturer? One you would absolutely stay away from?….thanks!

  2. There’s one part of the instruction that I think I’ll be able to easily do: “let out a gentle scream.” Carl this is a truly superb breakdown of this beautiful beast. Hopefully I have enough years in my lifetime to learn this. Huge thanks for this and all you do.

  3. Well done Carl !!

  4. fantastikkkkkk OK GRAZIEEEEE

  5. can you do you could be mine GnR

  6. You're one of my favorite go to Youtube instructors! Could you maybe do What A Shame by Shinedown or When the Seasons Change by FFDP???

  7. Hey could you cover rock this town by the wild cats please? Also wicked garden by stp would be amazing.

  8. Enrique Antonio Martìnez Chaparro

    Hey Carl… I check you channel and I found the lesson of Paradise City but… The outro section you don't explain anything…. Can you please make a revew of this great solo ?

  9. It is disturbing, that youtube sent my old account into a limbo death, with undue reason, so I deleted it.
    In so doing, all of my previous comments have also been deleted.
    All of that undeserved Negativity that I have suffered at the fingertips of the jack booted, youtube gestapo, aside, I shall continue to endeavor to Enlighten Everyones day with Humor and Snark, just as I have before, and as always, I shall remain Faithful to the Truth!
    Thank you for your patientce in this aweful incident brought about by the absolutely unfair and biased actions of rhose that run youtube !
    Yes !
    They should be flogged, but they will skate away, scot free, as usual!

  10. Phillip Riggins

    Outstanding job, thanks for posting this video!

  11. Please do "i know you're here" by Steve vai. Thanks

  12. Christopher Cooper

    @guitarlessons365song can you please do southern man by neil young, im not finding any good lessons for an amazing, underrated song, preferably the original version over the acoustic!

    Neil young has to be one of the most under-rated guitarist of the past generation

  13. Can you do Serve the Servants ?

  14. I find myself watching these lessons during class and it gets me so exciting to learn them at home. Best lesson channel on youtube!!!

  15. Can you do M+M’s by blink 182?

  16. michael gallegos

    That's awesome! Pure sweetness!!!

  17. Grear choice!!

  18. You posted this just in the Knick Of time I decided to learn it!!!!

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