Versace on the Floor Bruno Mars Acoustic Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle Chords

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Hey Guys, Marco here. Thank you very much for checking out my videos. I hope you enjoy the lessons!

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  1. my favorite song <3

  2. thank you for your tutorial guitar …..

  3. ladies be like " I wanna marry this guy "
    I'm like, I wanna marry his guitar ……..

  4. Sherwin Fabular

    Hi sir, you are very good. Do have the 2nd part for this tutorial? The solo part and the last part? Tnx.

  5. Jhoe Jansen Maningo

    PART 2!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  6. are you gonna make a pt.2?

  7. This song is so beautiful. I didn't know about this song till i clicked here then listened to the original. thank you so much for this man hope more people notice these bomb tutorials

  8. Airjas Productions

    whats that little black thing over the hole for? always wondered

  9. Thanks Marco! this is great!!

  10. can you please make a tutorial of please don't go by Joel Adams

  11. Love it

  12. Why arent you more popular?

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