Very Basic Country Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Scott Grove

Very Basic Country Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Scott Grove

Very Basic Country Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Scott Grove
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  1. Dear Groove, I just wanted to say a word or two about the way you plan your lessons. It doesn't really seem that you have planned anything except turning on the camera, sitting down somewhere on the lens side and hoping you've got it focused then start rambling on. I gotta have more help than that.  I'm not gonna sing in my beer!

  2. Incredibly helpful- thank you.

  3. Love your lessons Scott…thanks

  4. Scott: Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to "give back" with your joy and knowledge of classic country picking. Very very helpful and empowering lesson. Much obliged.


    I know you said no books….but there must be some books you would recommend…
    I agree with you…. doing is better than reading…but I do absorb some knowledge ..
    from reading…in my older years….''SO PLEASE TELL US…..!!!"

  6. Hey man im just starting out… without thinking about the extra money in yoir pocket do u think your lessons will be better for me than going to an instructor. 

  7. Thanks…

  8. Thanks for your time. I have learned a lot, and my Dad will be very proud of me, to now take over the campfire family get togethers which are often!!!! THANKS! TCB

  9. Scott , you brought chills to me!! My Daddy died nine years ago and you play like he did. If only I was interested in guitar back then!! THank YOU!!!!

  10. Great lesson Scott , Thanks ,,,,

  11. Just ordered your Country Artists Series, can't wait

  12. This lesson is great i've been trying to play for a couple of years and this is the one of the best lessons now when i'm practicing it actually sounds like something, this reminds me of a song but can't quite place it. Thank you,Ed

  13. The  way  to  teach is  amazing.  I  have  always wanted  to  venture   down   the  neck of  the  guitar.  and   to  advance  my  give  me  confidance  in  thinking  with  a  lot  of  practice  I  can  do  this.  thanks  Scott.

  14. great job

  15. Im not a country player, but this was another rad lesson! Really appreciate the work you do!

  16. Henrik van den berg

    Nice one! Helped me alot. Thnx

  17. Thanks Scott for your patient style and great lessons.
    Learned a lot in a short time.

  18. If your feelin country is being lost just head on up the east coast of Oz and the further you go the familiarity  will warm you in more ways than the weather. Love your tutorials….particularly the Willie Nelson tut   

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