Vibrato Technique – Blues Guitar Lesson – ML050

In this MicroLesson, I’ll show you how vibrato works and give you a close up look at the technique. I’ll also give you a repeatable blues lead lick that you can use to practice the technique.

To download the MP3 jam track and the tablature for this MicroLesson, visit
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  1. I have a lot to thank you for over the years Brian, cheers buddy.

  2. Love your lessons Brian.
    Like the Clapton style vibrato, somehow I can manage this vibrato style more easily. You've already shown in a previous (Clapton) lesson.
    btw. Beautiful SG, is this a cs reissue ? Looks like you removed the Maestro ?

  3. Thank you so much this answers a few questions I had!! Much appreciated.

  4. Brian…am the one requesting this lesson and I thank you for it. Can you explain me how to avoid the shaking of the neck. Or the whole guitar. Do you press the guitar body with your right arm? Some like that…

  5. note to self .musnt use the word spastic…. v funny

  6. Андрей Невоград

    Благодарю !

  7. Didn’t BB King rock his finger horizontally toward the bridge and nut?

  8. Perfect timing! I have been trying to figure a way to develop the vibrato when you bend the B string and be accurate with the sound, not sharp or flat. Great way to learn how to do it right.

    Love your new guitar, SG. I have one just like it and now I hear how it could sound in good hands and the right amplifier. Lol.

  9. great lesson, but needs more of the dog! lol

  10. Thought that was a banana sticking out of the wall above your right shoulder.

  11. Good technique, and very calm dog lol

  12. Nice stuff.

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