Vivaldi Summer Presto Guitar Lesson part 1

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0:24 Introduction
0:50 Lesson

Greetings folks,
It´s teaching time again…..we´re gonna have a close look at the classic piece Summer from Vivaldi. Many people seem to struggle with the tabs, so I decided to make a detailed lesson about it and want to show the poeple how you can play it on your guitar.To me it was the most successful and comfortable way to play it, you may want to change some fingerings, or play it different….

Part 2 is already shot and is coming the next days
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  1. Dude u da man, thanks, you fuckn rule

  2. Sorry, in regards to picking, why don't I want to end on an up stroke? If it's 3 notes per string, isn't it more economical to simply go up/down/up on each string?



  4. Hello! Chris my name is Tomek,can you send me a complette tabs part1and2 please!!!! my

  5. this fucking arpegios,,,,,,ex-4 im out of time,,,,,,fuck……..

  6. I watched this video a year ago and gave up. Have you any tips for picking faster? I can tremolo pick easily to Misirlou by Dick Dale but when it comes to this I suck.

  7. Brutal Abduction

    great videos you have the full song?

  8. mrhappyhead mrhappyhead

    thanks for the video mate. makes this more easy for me to learn.

  9. Sorry to tell you but you have mistakes.

  10. great job, need to get into it, where can I download the backing track?

  11. um, thank you for the vid! I looked for tabs online but they were wrong. or at least missing parts. is it possible you also post tabs?? (Thank you so much. your vid was rly helpful)

  12. Новадом Врати


  13. Is there any tabs available?

  14. Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald

    We need tabs, not possible to follow

  15. Wait a second do you alternate pick the first runs, meaning after string changes do you go down, or do you just sweep with the changes. Because if you start each string on an upstroke you're going to have two upstrokes which is bad.

  16. what pedal fx u using

  17. Rostyslav Chernyakhovskyy

    Played it on violine about 15 years ago, as I was about your age (or maybe several years younger) ) Now learning myself guitar – thx a lot for such a great lesson. I have to master it )

  18. thanks excellent teacher. you will have tabs and backing track greetings from Colombia.

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