Voyage To Atlantis Isley Brothers Electric Guitar Solo Lesson Ernie Isley EricBlackmonGuitar HD

Ernie Isley Guitar Solo Lesson And Guitar Setup Playlist
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Voyage To Atlantis Isley Brothers Release Date 1977
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  1. EricBlackmonGuitar

    How To Play A Guitar Solo Without Even Thinking About Scales (2.7 Million Views) EricBlackmonMusic

  2. Hey Eric you do everything so great. I was wondering if you could do Bobby womack that's the way I feel about Cha

  3. Man, this is awesome. You are about to make me get back into guitar study!! Thank you, bro!

  4. Truly the Master at work.

  5. Concepcion Munguia

    Tears in my eyes!

  6. Great outline– very clear. Would you PLEASE breakdown the Isley Brothers song " MOVE YO BODY. that's a lot of work I know thank you sir

  7. OMG YESS!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!

  8. This intro is the reason I started playing guitar… 2 months ago Haha… I will learn this. I must Bwahaaha

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I Don't Believe It! That Sounds Amazing!!!!!!!!

  10. awesome job ,will practice this until my fingers bleed

  11. What level of playing is this Solo?

  12. thanks so much!! could you possibly do a lesson for choosey lover as well? either way appreciate all your great lessons!

  13. I'm a beginner and I would love to be able to play solos like this. I'm trying to be patient, but is there a way to build my fingers up to play riffs? I do take lessons but only can go once a week due to finances.

  14. DAMN ERIC, YOU GOT THE SOLO TOO! just finished the watching the guitar chords for this tune. Man wish I had this 30 years ago.

  15. +EricBlackmonGuitar hey eric. i just noticed after i watched this video 100 times that it says greenville south carolina, thats where i live

  16. this is probably the best soul-o ever

  17. thanks man. this one is tricky to learn by ear

  18. Sherwayne Mccalla

    I use to think that solo was hard now u make it easy for me I love old school I play it with my spectrum guitar and my Davison guitar along with my zoomg1xon pedal and my digitech pedal

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