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Vulfpeck brings funk back to the forefront with their energetic jams, thanks in no small part to the soul-infused work of bassist Joe Dart. Today, Jake is picking apart Dart’s bass work on “Dean Town” and teaching us how to play it. Follow along and get some ideas for how to funk up your bass playing.

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  1. Only real bass players know whats wrong with this video lol

  2. Great video, but just another clarification for the chromatic slide up, Joe actually plays it with his ring finger and then hits the high E with his pinky. Slow down the official video and watch the last time he plays it, the camera actually zooms in on his hand

  3. Looking for help, can anybody give me a starting point for how to approximate Joe's tone? Not really good with figuring it out myself, was hoping for some guidance for this song.

  4. shit bass player

  5. Юрий Гордиенко

    where is groove, man?

  6. Love all the videos this guy does for Reverb. He’s great at the bass and a joy to listen to talk about all these great bass players and their work

  7. I'll start by finding a video on how to make 16ths sound good, then I'll be back 8'D

  8. These people complaining about the tone, this is a how to play, not how to get the same tone.

  9. Why are you teaching people to play it wrong? the double stop isn't just minor 6 (Eflat and A) it goes to the minor 7 (E and A) you shouldn't teach people to play stuff wrong it's bad

  10. Hes only using the bridge pickup and playing by the bridge for the jaco tone.

  11. Tone is Terrible hahahahah

  12. For a second, I thought it was going to be Joe Dart explaining this! Still good, but it sounds like there might by some variety to what Joe played in their video.

  13. technically a-ok, but it's gotta be more staccato (cheers from a drummer)

  14. I just muted this guy so i could read the score…

  15. dreadful, could have at least got someone who can play bass?

  16. Your timing is shit

  17. There are a few mistakes. The pickup from the sixteenth notes into the main part is c#, d#, c#, not c#, e, c#. Also during the main section when it goes to the C# chord, there’s no f# on beat 2 it’s just a rest.

  18. 0:27 very true

  19. If you only did the Joe Dart bobblehead

  20. Fernando II de Taboada

    Broke : Neck p-up w/ a bit of bridge p-up blended in with the tone full on
    Woke : Bridge p-up soloed and the tone rolled off completely

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