Waiting In Vain Guitar Lesson (Intermediate & Easy) – Bob Marley

Download the chord chart here https://www.patreon.com/definitelydean
Look for CC18 – The video at the top of the page will explain what to do.

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  1. Great job, fella. Thanks.

  2. Folkert Sickenga

    I enjoy your lessons , and your nice voice thankxx

  3. You should consider doing an albums with some covers just you and a guitar I think me and a ton of others would listen again and again

  4. Just came across your page and I love it but I especially enjoy you playing and singing the songs man do it's really pretty

  5. Christopher Wilson

    Good video, thanks for sharing! Nice Seagull guitar too!

  6. Bro awesome guitar lesson songs got sweet momentum and it dip of swag..nice groove

  7. How To Play Reggae

    Not bad! What about the solo?

  8. Why you struggle so much to explain. This is why Harvard is better than Oxford.

  9. do your own cover for this song!

  10. Wow what a beautiful voice man

  11. Monni_Martin_Music

    went through some tutorials of waiting in vain…liked this one most!! thanx

  12. jamon

    I love your teaching style, clarifying and simplistic. from watching your vids, I'm learning to appreciate rhythm guitar a la the great one – Bob Marley.

  13. You're amazing!

  14. thanks. this(the capo free version which I care little about, I'm still thankful for the lesson on capos) is the acoustic version that Bob Marley played on his unreleased tapes , which I didn't even know about until after I learnt original official version this year in 2016 . This coming from a guy who grew up on Bob Marley.

  15. I don't think you realize what a blessing you've been. I've been so frustrated not being able to play a riddim on my guitar, you just made life easier for me. Now I can jam to one of my favorite songs and play it. Still I have alot of practice to do but this gave me a chance to progress. Thank you again. Bless up! One love. Peace.

  16. LoveLife with Chris

    brilliant. i love your attention to detail. keep it up

  17. love at minute 7 the puppy creepig in the window haha!

  18. You are the only one who really help me out on this song thank you!!! Good job 😉

  19. Love your style. Just starting and trying to learn this song so bad. Would love to take but lessons, but I'm in the U.S. Great work !!

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