Walk Guitar Lesson w/ Onscreen Tab – Pantera

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In this “famous riff” guitar tutorial I will teach you how to play the main riff to Pantera’s classic “Walk”.

This slow groove based riff by the great Dimebag Darrell has a feel that is very unique. I honestly can’t recall a guitar riff ever sounding similar to this prior to it’s release.

“Walk” was released on Pantera’s 1992 Vulgar Display Of Power album. Upon it’s release as a single it quickly became the most beloved Pantera song with both their hardcore fans and general public.

The reason for this is the massive riff that opens the song and remains for a majority of the song. Dimebag’s riff was simple and direct and probably the most powerful thing he ever wrote. As heavy as it is, the main riff to “Walk” is actually very catchy which helps give it it’s lasting appeal to metal fans all over the world.

In this Walk guitar lesson video I will demonstrate how Dimebag performs this classic metal riff note-for-note. Keep in mind that “Walk” is tuned to D standard (D G C F A D). But that isn’t all, Dimebag also slightly detunes his guitar a bit further than that. This slight detuning is a trademark of Dimebag’s. To get to the proper tuning you will need an electronic tuner that allows you to adjust the amount of cents. Concert pitch is 440 cents but to recreate Dimebag’s tuning you will have to set it at about 430 cents. Then you will be able to simply tune your guitar to D standard and it will sound in pitch with the original recording.

Now I know besides this amazing riff there are some other highly influential guitar parts to this song. In fact, the solo is considered to be one of the greatest metal guitar solos of all time.

If you guys would like to see me teach “Walk” in it’s entirety note-for-note, please show your support by making sure this video gets 600 “likes” on YouTube. After it hits that goal I will then teach the whole song.

Well I hope you guys enjoy learning this classic metal riff. I will be back here soon with the full song tutorial.

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  1. Please do full song

  2. Only take 5 minutes to learn this riff

  3. UnknownDarkDragon

    easiest riff ever made. obviously.

  4. Assem CR Ghannam

    So DGCFAD ? Tuning

  5. Edwin Westinghouse

    Hell yea i wanna hear this song

  6. Any body, help me

  7. The tunning like come as you are by nirvana?

  8. Plz I beg you

  9. Can you teach the solo

  10. carl dode 3.7 k likes 'plz do a full lesson

  11. How about for dummies… I’ve got no clue what anything meant and I wanna start learning guitar

  12. Its That Kid Gravity

    R.I.P. Dimebag

  13. You should do a lesson on I'm broken and cemetery gates by Pantera

  14. Teach whole song

  15. wait, the whole guitar is dropped a step and not just the E?
    He plays it way better than me, but why isn't he just doing an open fret when playing the first two D notes?
    I totally learned this wrong. Dropping the E has you barring the DDA at the 8th fret after the intitial bend.

  16. I’m about to cop my first guitar and this is what I want to play first so I looked it up.
    Subbed you ,thanks for the video.

  17. Pls do cemetery gates by pantera!

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