Walk Of Life – Dire Straits – Very Easy Beginner Song Guitar Lesson (BS-104)

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Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Walk of life-Dire Straits
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In this easy beginner guitar lesson we’re going to learn Walk Of Life by Dire Straits, a simplified version great for beginners wanting have a go at a first song. We look at how to fancy it up a bit too as you progress!

The Justin Guitar Beginners Songbook contains 100 songs specifically structured for beginners and there are 10 songs for each stage of the Beginners Course.

See the web site for the beginner lessons and more info including full song list, sample songs and order details. You can also order the book from your local music store!


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It’s nearly all 100% free and card details are not needed to register. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose! My theory course is the best on the web (and one of the very few paid parts of the site) and it’s awesome – if your theory is lacking and you wanna fix it – that’s the place to go! At my store, you’ll find a huge range of super cool guitar themed t-shirts, all my (paper) books, merch and lots more 🙂 and we got proper fun backing tracks for you to jam along with too!

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  1. asdfghjklkjhv bvcvjhvlyhb

    your in the wrong key ,its E A B

  2. Please show me that last blues bit closer.

  3. Thanks Justin. Really enjoying learning to play the guitar with you! You make it look so easy!

  4. Justin man love your videos! Keep em coming!

  5. Caepo or capouh? This is the question!

  6. You're a great teacher brother. God bless

  7. Awesome tutor this man has made me a guitarist!!

  8. Sabahudin Sehovic


  9. You are the best ever!!!!!! After watching you ONE TIME I can play all those songs. I wasn't learning right but you put everything in perspective and I'm forever grateful. If I'm ever famous you will be the reason because you made it click for me.

  10. Pls do Money for Nothing intro

  11. been playing for around 9 months now and I have just bought your song book 1, and its been fantastic, I really look forward to my practice with your book and vids on here, also joined your website which is full of advice and good techniques, thank you kaizer

  12. Justin I could not let this go without a vote of thanks, I am a 66 year young, handicapped pensioner who has for the past 50 Years longed for fingers that could have tunes and melodies flying across the strings of an equally aged Stratecaster, able enough to put a couple of chords together and prove to the world that back in the 60's I made the wrong choice of studying engineering.

    There but for my fathers need to have a son follow in his footsteps, I to could grow hair past my shoulders, wear faded Levi 501's that had never been washed, thumb my nose at the establishment, grow my own garden herbs and stay up past 9:30 pm, even get up at 9:30 pm if I wanted, live on love and not worry where my next meal was coming from.

    But alas I became another brick in the wall, yes I learnt to conform and threw myself into a marriage, had the obligatory child (whom I absolutely love), signed on the dotted line for a millstone around my neck (read mortgage) just to have it all taken away at the whim of my now ex-wife, only to end up penniless standing in the clothes I wore (Levi 501's and the shirt on my back which were not washed at the time) all by the age of 30.

    It's funny to look back now that point in time (1982) I could have been the lead guitarist for any number of groups and be selling my old Levi 501's for $1,000.00 a pair and not having to wash them first.

    So here I am aged 66, forced into retirement, a brand new beginner, finally finding the time, money, desire and approval of my current wife (whom I absolutely love) to address the task of proving that I could have been the fifth Beatle, it could even have been Stuart and the Dominos, Emerson Lake and Thomson, I to could have been in dire straights and living in Newcastle upon Tyne.

    So here I am combing through the internet, an old broken fingered, short sighted, grumpy old man, trying to find something or someone that can make dreams come true. Don't get me wrong I know it's too late and all the best spots are filled but at least I maybe able to carry a tune well enough that it can be recognised.

    It's been 6 months now I've had nothing but frustration and disappointment and was ready to give up my $50.00 acoustic to anyone who could get something more than a D chord out of it as opposed to smashing it (someone could make use of it). When low and behold as luck would have it, I tripped over your site on 3 chord songbook and your comment that "starting off should be undertaken on an acoustic being a the myth spread by a world of greenies" (my take on yours).

    So over the past month I managed to find a 2nd hand Schecter sgr which had a good write up for beginners at the right price instead of a Squire Fender at twice the price. Anyhow I digress, sore fingertips have vanished, my notes and chords last longer, so my snail pace strumming finally sounds like something my wife can actually tolerate and I may not quite reach the heady heights of Eric C, Mark K, Jimmy P or even George H. (R.I.P.). But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and its not a train.

    You have given this old fart hope and encouragement, You may not visit these pages anymore but just in case you do you have my thanks and maybe there's another old guy out there who is in the same situation and he may just open up this comment and start to grow his hair, get those old 501's out buy a 2nd hand electric and give it a go, cause Justin you are one hell of a tutor and I will be looking for a bass player, drummer and a good rhythm player, keep going you're a shining light that has made this old man happy in his latter year, I reckon at least I've got another 20 years ahead of me so watch out for a new act to burst onto the Grammys, where there's a dream there's hope. Regards Stuart

  13. Thank you Justin very helpful, good advice and information as usual.

  14. Devil's Offspring

    That was severely entertaining, thanks so much for posting!

  15. Man this is awesome , thank you.

  16. perfect !!! congratulations !!!

  17. Achour nait rabah

    I love that song and you teaches me how to play it thank u so much bra

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