Walking Bass and Chords – Bb Blues – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Walking Bass and Chords is one of the greatest ways to comp if you are the only one playing behind a soloist like a horn or a singer. In this lesson I am going to go over a Walking bass comp on a  12 bar Bb Jazz Blues and how you play it on guitar. The video is based on a recording I made and transcribed.

Some of the things I discuss are on making walking bass lines on guitar, how to play them and how to add chords to your bassline. I also discuss shell voicings and drop3 voicings as being very useful for this type of guitar comping

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  1. i really like this style of jazz. how about examples in other time signatures.

  2. titan master

  3. I might be crazy here, but didn't you post a similar video some time ago? I remember because I had to play a Jazz blues with my girlfriend, and that video is what made it possible for me. I didn't know much about, and I still don't, but that video really helped me. I'm not complaining though, i love every video of yours! Thank you for teaching us, non-jazz guys haha.

  4. Manuel Adrian Leal Paez

    lo maximo 🙂

  5. Great lesson! Thank you for sharing.

  6. i start off thinking i can't do that…i watch your lesson and then its….now i can do that …thanks for that Jens !

  7. I love all the different rhythms/styles you can get out of this type of playing imo

  8. Your lessons are a bit over my head, but I'm trying to create a rock jazz fusion sound that is unique . I'm working on familiarizing  myself with jazz chords and progressions . Your lessons are very helpful to me . Thank you !

  9. Thank you Jens! I really appreciate that you took the time to make this video, ive been really interested in how to approach walking bass with comping, and youv'e been a great help here! Best wishes.

  10. this is great. also, cam really clear & pro. what video cam do you use??

  11. JonM Musik Germany

    Very cool bro…super lesson+++++

  12. Full of great ideas as usual, but I appreciate particularly this side of guitar; it's very great and well explained, very interesting; it's not an easy key, and all what you teach very clearly can be of course transposed easily for other keys. About a tune I have Stella in mind, but it's the more complex/strange I have in mind and not very appropriate for walkin. Btw I find minor keys way more complex to play when doing walkin solo (or even a minor blues is very complex, as it have way less subs -I know there are but I don't know them) but it can be surely beautiful. Than you very much for your explanations (with the score it's great).

  13. your rationale for which chords to sustain is something that ought to be obvious, but I'd never really analyzed it like that or heard anybody else say it either – thank you!

  14. Genio!

  15. very helpful!

  16. Question:

    Are there any songs you would like me to do a Walking Bass lesson on?

  17. Very cool. Thank you, Jens!

  18. As always, a great lesson Jens Larsen! Thanks

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