Walking bass and chords guitar lesson – Solar

One of the nicest ways to comp in a duo setting is to play walking bass and chords at the same time. In this lesson I am going to go over a 2 chorus example on the song solar and demonstrate how you can construct bass lines, make some rhythmical variations and use passing chords and leading notes.

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You can download a PDF and read the article on my blog via this link: http://jenslarsen.nl/walking-bass-chords-solar/

0:21 Intro
0:51 The 2 choruses
1:29 Technique suggestions
2:20 How the bassline is constructed
8:43 2nd chorus
13:15 How to practise and construct bass lines
15:17 Outro

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  1. Excellent!

    I really thought about landing chords on the one creating an illusion of resolution. I always felt it just killed the momentum. But the spots where I do it ARE usually moments of resolution!


  2. Thank you for this superbe Christmas gift before the date!

  3. nice lesson

  4. super master tecnica de lujo

  5. This is awesome! Thanks.

    Quick note — the 24th bar shows an A natural that I think should be a G natural, correct?

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