WALKING BASS For Guitar + Chords – GUITAR LESSON Walking Bass

How to make your own Walking Bass lines on guitar and put chords in between. Incl. Theory. Note for note guitar lesson.

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If you play guitar on your own or with just a drummer, being able to play walking bass on guitar and throwing some chords in between, is one of the coolest things in jazz. My students ask me about it all the time. So I thought, why not make a tutorial on walking bass lines.

In this jazz guitar lesson you’ll learn how to build your own walking basslines for guitar and add some typical jazz chords in between. So you will become the bass player and the guitar player in one person. Why pay a bass man, theyre divas anyway, lol.

I’ll teach you the two main concepts for walking bass lines on guitar. The first uses chord tones and chromatics. The second one uses scale tones.

I’ll use the A section of the jazz standard Autumn Leaves to demonstrate these walking bass for guitar concepts. If you know how to apply the concepts here, you’ll be able to create your own walking basslines from scratch for any song.

In my walking bass jazz guitar lesson I’ll show everythin note for note, slow and easy.There is a playthrough for each of the examples in the tutorial.

Of course I’ve also made a walking bass for guitar tabs, which you can download from the link up above this info box. From now on walking basslines won’t be a mistery any more. You’ll definatly make a big step forward in your jazz guitar playing with the incorporation of walking bass.

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Hugs, Sandra 🙂

Hugs, Sandra


  1. danke danke danke!

  2. Anastasia guitar

    Thank you! I love you!

  3. Great lesson, thank you so much !


  5. I don’t understand why play perfect 5th on G7+ and not D#.

  6. I wanted to share your wonderful stuff with the rest of the world so went looking for you on Facebook – no luck. Please start a page. Others need to know about you!!!

  7. Ok, you did it again. Checking off quickly your video and… getting me in for 2 hours. You are an awesome teacher for me, thank you.

  8. This is really nice, pls keep on making these kind of vids

  9. Another great lesson, there is a lot to unpack here, possibly another candidate for transposing to knock down the technical stuff. Thank You again…! B-)

  10. Sandra, Greeetings from Texas. We Enjoy your videos and lessons/arrangements.

  11. Kathleen Miritello

    Oh my goodness, do you realize Puddles just released his version of Autumn Leaves?!!! He must have gotten his inspiration from you! ❤️

  12. Marcelo Filipponi

    Excelente explicación!!!

  13. Merci Sandra, thank you so much for your excellent teachings !

  14. JazzGuitarNeophyte

    Loved it! I've been wondering how they do that? Thanks Sandra! You are the best!!!

  15. Thank you for your work!

  16. Chilekwa K. Chilekwa II

    Maestro Sandra herself, live 'n direct. Great lesson indeed! And that's how my weekend was made. Thanks to you for the lesson, much appreciated indeed. And thanks to the technology (in our era) for making it possible that the Maestro sitting in Austria can make my weekend here in Zambia…Bless you more and more. Long life!

  17. The Mindful Guitarist

    I wish I had found you when I started studying jazz guitar! One of the things I really liked about this lesson is that you sang occasionally along with your playing. I think it should be done more often! Thank you

  18. Can't wait for my exams to get over so that I can jump right into this

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