Walking Bass Lesson – Beginner #1 – with Scott Devine (L#61)

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Walking bass is something SOOO many bass players have difficulty with. But – It’s really a lot easier than you think.

Through years of teaching and experimenting with different methods I’ve come up with my own ‘fool proof’ method of getting students well on their way to becoming great at creating their own walking bass lines.

In this walking bass lesson I show you how I actually teach my own personal students using this method and why they seem to be able to start creating there own walking bass lines much faster than most other students. That’s why this lesson is great not only for student bassists but also bass teachers too. Try using this method with your students and you’ll get amazing results – fast.

This is ‘Part 1’ of this lesson… look out for part 2!!!

A bit about me…

I’m founder of ‘Scotts Bass Lessons’ one of the best free online bass lesson websites on the net! I’m also a pro bass player, teacher, composer and dog owner! 😉


  1. Why do you use gloves?

  2. Megatron BAZOOKA

    idk what "5th" means

  3. I thought Peter Russo is dead

  4. thanks Scott.

  5. daprofe music stickers


  6. why do u wear those gay ass gloves??

  7. Take off those goofy gloves …

  8. Henrique Hilkner

    Those chords remember me of Marrom 5 – Sunday morning

  9. hi. any chance u could do a lesson on walking bass lines over a 12 bar blues?

  10. Why have I never been thought chords?

  11. Thank you so much!

  12. Dieter “Big D” Dietzen

    219 people thought this was a lesson on how to slap a Korn song.

  13. I usually watch Justin Guitar videos and I feel like I'm in some parallel universe watching this.

  14. Charles Harper

    It would be nice to see what his hands are doing but the window supered over it covers them up.

  15. are u driving a b&w

  16. Sudeera Seneviratne

    It's good!

  17. heey man very nice explanation

  18. I think I've got the Same Watch that you wore in this Video.

  19. Totally riminds me ofthe sims 1 Music. nostalgic

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