Walking Blues Bass guitar Lesson Quick Start – Pride & Joy Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Pride & Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughan , SRV,
Original Bass played by – Tommy Shannon

Bass Guitar School

James Eager


  1. As you said, Shannon gets more involved. What most people dont notice is that he plays open E, or Eb, all the way trough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZv3CEZahYE

  2. You want to show us that lick you're playing at the beginning of this lesson?

  3. Great lesson James, you made it so easy, I was playing along with the track in 10 minutes – thanks :)

  4. Thank You James….You have come thru for me Again !!!!! I feel Much better about this Song for the Gig Saturday !!!! Your Da BOMB !!!!!

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