Walking Jazz Standards #1: “Autumn Leaves” – Bass Guitar Lesson

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Walking Jazz Standards Series: “Autumn Leaves” – Bass Guitar Lesson

Upright and Electric bassist, Jared Plane presents his new ongoing series of video tutorials focussing on creating walking bass lines over specific jazz standards. In this lesson, the jazz standard considered is the famous, “Autumn Leaves”. For more free bass tutorials, search through the “Lessons” playlist on the jplanejazz YouTube channel. Please subscribe to receive notifications of new videos.
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  1. I agree with someone else who told you this video has great potential but you're voice is a little bit monotone. I don't mind it but it may help you reach more popularity. However, I enjoyed and subscribed, thank you for these lessons!

  2. I can't remember the cords ughhh

  3. If anyone ever asks me, "hey, what's Ed Helms been up to since the Hangover trilogy has ended?" I'll show them this video

  4. Sofus Thyge Johansen

    Great video man! But why do I need to write out my lines?

  5. Honestly, if you would've just shown pictures of the fret tab, this video would 30 seconds and be 5 times easier to learn. I'm just saying…

  6. Good lesson, thanks to the Clark Kent of the bass!

  7. Вячеслав Машлякевич

    Hello! Excellent video)) Where can I get mp3 music minus with this song?

  8. Nice video. I've found a good way to write walking bass is: root, 3rd, 5th and then a chromatic passing note to the next chord

  9. Alejandro Figueroa

    tanks for what you doing…. teaching every one that like to play jazz you good man tanks again…….

  10. Dafuq since when does a bass have 5 strings lmao? Isn't that a banjo?

  11. martin ahumada vidal

    Just shut up and play!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Guitaro Montalban

    Awesome! Thank you!

  13. Dude good lesson but I can barely here your bass : / turned volume up but you've recorded it really quiet

  14. I can't follow this tutorial. It's too cut up, I'd like to hear it from beginning to end for starters, then go over sections. But that's just me..

  15. P.S really great lesson and you really know how to play bass guitar very well and all, but could ya try to lighten up a little bit? Your monotone voice and stone face does not make it as an enjoyable lesson than it could be.

  16. I'm having trouble finding this song on youtube, do you happen to have a video link to one so I may play along with the song??

  17. thanks full for the lesson, its gonna help me to learn jazz bass

  18. where can I find a recording of this with the melody?

  19. Subways dude?

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