Walking Jazz Standards #13: “Take The ‘A’ Train” – Bass Guitar Lesson

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Walking Jazz Standards Series: “Take The ‘A’ Train” – Bass Guitar Lesson

Upright and Electric bassist, Jared Plane presents his new ongoing series of video tutorials focusing on creating walking bass lines over specific jazz standards. In this lesson, the jazz standard considered is the Billy Strayhorn number, “Take The ‘A’ Train”. For more free bass tutorials, search through the “Lessons” playlist on the jplanejazz YouTube channel. Please subscribe to receive notifications of new videos.

Get the bass lines here:

Exercise 1:

Take The ‘A’ Train Lesson – Exercise 1: Scales, Arpeggios and Chromatics

Exercise 2:

Take The ‘A’ Train Lesson – Exercise 2: Melodic Bass Line


  1. Rafael Andres Melo Montaña

    great job man. Thanks from Bogotá. regrats

  2. Great pitch waves Jared!

  3. very nice good

  4. another great video from the master…..I do use some chromatics in my playing but not in such extended sequences as your example here and in some of your other lessons. It does sound cool though. It's definitely something to work on to try to get more comfortable with. Thanks.

  5. Can you do s video "take five" like basically playing 5/4 time. Also did you go to merit school of music ?

  6. Great video Jared… The humor, chord walkthrough in the Form section and of course, the Basslines and playing are all top flight . Please keep up the great work. Thank you.

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