Walking Jazz Standards #6: “Giant Steps” – Bass Guitar Lesson

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Walking Jazz Standards Series: “Giant Steps” – Bass Guitar Lesson

Upright and Electric bassist, Jared Plane presents his new ongoing series of video tutorials focussing on creating walking bass lines over specific jazz standards. In this lesson, the jazz standard considered is the famous John Coltrane tune, “Giant Steps”. For more free bass tutorials, search through the “Lessons” playlist on the jplanejazz YouTube channel. Please subscribe to receive notifications of new videos.

Get the bass lines here:

Exercise 1:

Exercise 2:


  1. The best lesson of Giant Steps, ever, for a long time. 😉

  2. Nice. But the chord chart comes up later than the down beat of the change.

  3. I think this question sounds stupid… but I want to ask. some notes next to the quarter notes have the X rather than black square in exercise 2. and you played the crossed notes quickly. what's the crossed note??

  4. if you have a cord like D7 you can play any note of that cord while you are walking ??
    for example in D7 you play A and F# ?
    help please haha

  5. Francisco García

    Hi Jared! How can i get a great level play walking bass lines? any advice…

  6. +MrFireblade67 +Jared Plane Thanks! I always hear major chords and some minor instantly but seventh chords are out of my range. I think that also has to do with me not listening/playing enough songs that use those chords

  7. Amazing, thank u..

  8. good…

  9. Thanks for the tips!

  10. Hi Jared!
    thank's for this great tutorial!
    can we download  the walking bass sheet in pdf?

  11. Great lesson!

  12. How did you figure out the chord progression in this song or any song in general? I play guitar and I hear the actual chords being played but I can never figure out the chords of the song are when nothings there if you know what I mean

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