Want to play a blues shuffle by yourself on guitar? Learn how in this blues guitar lesson – EP279

In this week’s blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a blues shuffle by yourself on guitar. This utilizes the classic “call & response” technique, allowing you to play both rhythm and lead parts.

To view the Part 2 video and download the tablature for this lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/play-blues-shuffle-guitar-blues-guitar-lesson-ep279/


  1. The more you learn, the less you know. The beautiful curs of the guitar! #HowToRockACampfire #EasyGuitarSongs #AcousticGuitarLessons

  2. Faaantastic played, a great P90 sound and a great lesson!!!!
    Wonderfull!!! A great fun for T-Birds fans!!!

  3. Brian, can we get something with the drive cranked up? Like some heavy texas or Chicago blues style?

  4. I've been re-watching episode 130…….where you integrate minor and major…….certainly very rewarding for anyone!

  5. 형님 한국어로도 해주세요 보탁드립니다

  6. Great tone!

  7. You always got what I want to learn.

  8. Thank you, Brian, great lesson! I notice the difference between just playing a clipped chord and playing it with a muted strum on either side of it (which is much crisper, sharper), but trying to play the 3 strums accurately, I end up messing up the flow, so it's yet another shortcut to get there.

  9. Brian that was beautiful. I always love your arrangements and you "bluesin' " on that Little Sister…..awesome.

  10. Wonderful !!

  11. You're great mayne

  12. Андрей Невоград

    Блюз наше все !!!!! Спасибо

  13. Love it Brain great playing and tone!

  14. That's good stuff

  15. luckly i can play the whole thing just by watching you play
    sorry man

  16. Loving this lesson. It reminds me of a demo I saw a while back and tried to learn … https://youtu.be/PaScUY_9-Vs

  17. Toggling back and forth on B string between 5th and 8th frets is a killer move because the E and G notes are part of the A7 arpeggio. Those notes will always fit over the I chord. Great lesson!!

  18. Alessandro Di Latte

    Another gem!!I’ve been premium for 3yrs I think I couldn’t spend my money better!! I’ve learnt a lot from your lessons! Thanks a lot Keep em coming!

  19. Holy shit that's a great sound. Reminds me of Peter Green.

  20. The second time you demonstrated the shuffle you did a down strum on 3 and on 4. The first time you didn't strum 3 at all. Why the shift in pattern?

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