Wanted Dead Or Alive – Bon Jovi – Easy Acoustic Song Guitar Lesson (BS-702) How to play

Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi - Easy Acoustic Song Guitar Lesson (BS-702) How to play

In this guitar lesson we’ll check out an easy version of Bon Jovi’s massive 80’s hit, Wanted Dead Or Alive. We’ll also look at the intro and some of the nice tricks used to embellish the song like it’s done on the album. Because it uses a few trickier chords and sus chord extensions it’s a Stage 7 song.

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  1. you speack way to low i have my volume all the way up i can barley even hear you

  2. did u stop justin?

  3. Long story short … Sambora is an excellent song writer/guitarist. Did Jon have any part of the orchestration of this piece other than writing the lyrics ? The answer would be a unequivocal NO !!! Without Sambora, Jon would have never EVER !!! achieved the success he's seen over these past decades.

  4. this song playin it puts a smile on my face

  5. I didn't know Norm MacDonald's son played guitar…

    Seriously though, thanks for the post! Good explanation.

  6. u are a true master

  7. effing a d hahahhaha on 4.45mins hilarious justin lol

  8. I'm a C chooooord,F chord or D

  9. Pablo Alejandro Velardez

    Tremendo!! Desde Argentina un abrazo. Me ayuda muchisimo

  10. ..wherein Justin sings with an American accent.

  11. Norm macdonald plays guitar??

  12. Dude pretty cool stuff, I have viewed a bunch of your tutorials. Actually put my guitar down for over 20 years; these are great refreshers. I was fortunate in that I remembered most of the strumming techniques. Interesting teaching method but it works. Thanks!

  13. Lol effing a d

  14. Arron's Guitar and Bass Tutorials!

    thanks for the lesson

  15. how does he do that sort of bass deep note at 7:56 (sort of flicks his finger off the string) been trying for ages cant get the hang of it :L

  16. I would like your tutorials a lot better if you did not sing.

  17. Been playing this song for years in fact if i had a pound for every time somebody asked me to play it on the spot when i had my 12 string out i'd be retiring early haha! seriously though i loved how you explained the D to C9 to G business was very clear for beginners and those who are unfamiliar with that nifty way of playing the verse and chorus,you were spot on i do exactly same. You've also given me the incentive to watch your other lessons to see another player's perspective i may learn something? Best wishes in the future my friend.

  18. is that dialysis  or the other stuff his tapped into [look at arm]

  19. BTW, the opening is very challenging to play on a classical guitar, where the end of the neck is the 12th fret .. contortionists probably play it well ..

  20. Thanks Justin .. Never eff'd a D but eff'd this real B one time … wow .. ;-))

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