Wanted Dead Or Alive Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Bon Jovi – Intro & All Rhythms

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In these Wanted Dead Or Alive guitar lesson videos you will learn the whole song in it’s entirety.

Along with the classic 12 string acoustic guitar intro that everyone instantly recognizes, I also demonstrate the intro of the song with all the sitar type effects and harmonics.

From there we will also cover how to play the verse and chorus of the song and try to help you understand all the little different ways they may play those parts throughout the song.

I wrap up these Wanted Dead Or Alive guitar lesson videos in the second video with a quick tutorial on how to play the solo. The solo is pretty straight forward and shouldn’t be much of a challenge, especially if you already have a good grip on how to play pinch harmonics.

By the way, if you don’t know how to play pinch harmonics yet, just check out my lesson on how to play pinch harmonics on the guitar .

I teach this entire Wanted Dead Or Alive lesson on a 6 string acoustic even though the original recording is on a 12 string acoustic. Don’t’ worry about that, the song still sounds great on just 6 strings and if you do have a 12 string acoustic just play it like I do in the video to make it sound like the original. The playing doesn’t change, only the sound.

Hope you guys enjoy these Wanted Dead Or Alive guitar lesson videos. Let me know if you wanna see some more Bon Jovi on this site.

Thanks for watching! Carl..

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  1. Bro, this is a great fuckin tutorial, thank you so much!

  2. I tried with a normal Guitar and it was not Easy but it kind of worked

  3. Rick Stockhaus

    Nice tone Carl. I’ve never heard of Great Divide guitars.

  4. I can’t believe how fast I learned this song, literally thought it would take forever but learned in like 30 mins even on my 12 string which I’m not used to being good at

  5. What Model of Great Divide guitar is that? And what is your opinion of them vs a Martin etc.?

  6. Andrew Mcdonald

    If I had money. You teach

  7. Como llegue aquí?

  8. pls teach try and love again eagles

  9. Timothy Charles Ellis

    Great lesson, great voice (byte), but you seemed bored… 😀

  10. Maurício Gomes dos Santos

    thank you master always doyng with excellence

  11. Best Teacher this side of the Mississippi.

  12. Thanks for the video friend !

  13. Claude Belanger

    Hey Carl. I don't know if you remember me. I was a paid subscriber on your website until I had to quit because I got multiple sclerosis. Well I am back! I have symptoms that affected my hands but I picked up my guitar again and am trying to compensate for the lack of dexterity with my fingers.
    I resubscribed to the YouTube channel to see if I can play half decently at least. If I do ok I will sign up again as a paid member on your website. I hope this post is viewed as encouragement not to lose faith when given challenges. You can always find a way to work around it

  14. This sounds amazing on a 12 string

  15. Such a great lesson thanks!

  16. Great teacher, but I hate Bon Jovi. Canned hair band rock is so hard to listen to, I give it to them they were very successful, could not listen to their music unless it just happened to be on the radio,so commercial its insane to say its not. Even Jon Bon Jovi said he had to teach himself to sing like a rock singer, it didn't come naturally to him, didn't have a natural rock voice and it sounds like it too.

  17. Absolutely awesome Carl tym one my favorite all time acoustic songs

  18. Great lesson!!! All the best Rene DI Sweden

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