Wasted Years (Iron Maiden) acoustic – Guitar Lesson – Thomas Zwijsen (www.Kingofthestrings.com)

Guitar Lesson for my Solo Guitar Arrangement of Wasted Years by Iron Maiden. get the FREE tabs at http://www.Kingofthestrings.com
Also more lessons and a complete guitar method are available at King Of The Strings, the most modern way of learning guitar!


  1. Ok… I hate this guy. Every time I think I am becoming a pretty good guitar player I watch some asshole like this who lets me know that I'm not even worthy to carry his guitar case to his car… I am truly humbled, great rendition. I aspire to be as gifted.

  2. hey, actually its playable for me 😀 (didnt expect that) thanks for the lesson, i will probably be watching it for next few weeks i guess

  3. Guadalajara, Mexico City.. Monterrey, Mexico, for sure. Soldout… first huge musical marketing, country, in Latin America … tour on soon, , pls, and Los Angeles California too.

  4. Nice and cool..
    Come tour Tijuana Mexico and LA California , you'll get soldout, pls. 

  5. Guillermo Cabrera

    Exelente…! …Gracias por tu generosidad Maestro,,,! …Desde Argentina te saludamos…!


  7. That is awesome! I'm gonna try to learn this right now 😀 
    I hope you could do a lesson on your arrengement of Blood Brothers.. that, I think, is your most beautiful work.
    Peace from Londrina Brazil :D

  8. Simply Awesome!

  9. finefuelmoisturecode

    Awesome as always!  Can't wait to try this.

  10. Thomas sou de Bragança paulista foi uma bela apresentação sua aqui parabéns 

  11. Thomas can i ask something ? İt is not about this song but did you changed the acords(?) while u were playing Blood Brothers ?

  12. Nice, thank you

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