WAVE – Guitar LESSON – CHORD MELODY Tutorial + Guitar TABS

WAVE - Guitar LESSON - CHORD MELODY Tutorial + Guitar TABS

Guitar LESSON on the A.C.Jobim Latin standard WAVE. Chord Melody style. Detailed & well explained. Tabs available.

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You guys keep asking me how to play Wave on guitar. So I made this intermediate chord melody guitar tutorial for you.
It includes the Wave guitar chords along with the melody. When both are played simultaniously it’s called chord melody style.

It is played as a guitar instrumental, so no other instruments are needed. You can play Wave all on your own.

This great latin standard was written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and is played at jazz sessions very often. It is represented in all realbooks and has become a jazz standard too.

As usual, I’m providing you with the Wave guitar TABS, which can be downloaded from the above links.

I hope you enjoy this Wave guitar lesson. If you do so plese give it a thumbs up and share the love 🙂
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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂
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  1. SuperCarver2011

    One of my favourites! I really likie the Bossa Nova rythmns. Great playing Sandra! Your HR Fusion sounds so much like a ES175.


    you are amazing, could you include "summer samba" from A.C. Jobim? Thankyou, Pablo from Mexico City.

  3. Gerald Doherty

    You are very welcome. Some day perhaps you could do a chord melody on another of my favorite bossa's, 'Triste"
    You play so nice, I like your vibe. It flows so nicely. Keep up the great songs. Jerry from PA-USA

  4. Gerald Doherty

    Another great rendition of one of my favorite bossa tunes by Jobim. Great work Sandra. Jerry PA-USA

  5. Hi Sandra , I am a Brazilian living in USA and would love to learn Corcovado from our greatest Jobim. Your classes are very helpful and well done with all the necessary details. Thank you . Marco

  6. Great lesson and great song! You know I'm still in love with you. Also, because I am your manager and it was my idea I should at least get 10%. LOL

  7. Paula VanDeusen

    OMG I found someone great!

  8. Sandra, you are a FANTASTIC player!!

  9. I like to know if you could teach us how to play a a song entitled Moon Glow I really have learned a lot from you I thank you for that! Bobby

  10. Jose M. Ignacio

    Fantastic lessons

  11. Hi Sandra, Can I ask you if if you think to publish also the tutorial of " I'm A Fool To Want You" ? you would make me happy 😉

  12. What can I say! Another standard, another good lesson teached by a wonderful musician. I'm sure you make a lot of guitarists very happy!

  13. I don't know if you remember but I'm the one who requested this song you made it easy for me to play I know it's hard and some teachers make almost impossible thank you Bobby!

  14. Sandra, love your chord melodies. Any chance you could do one on "One Note Samba"?

  15. Another fantastic lesson…..Don't stop…..Thank You

  16. Gerd Van Juuten

    Grossartig, danke!

  17. Greeeeetings from Chicago, another great lesson, thx, great sounding arrangement, going to start it soon!

  18. I'm new to jazz and just found your channel. Great stuff, young lady!

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